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Consultation for automation, integrations, FCC 477 / BDC submissions, and WISP Infrastructure design.


I find a common problem to be tunnel vision. I'm often able to spot something a little easier that a client couldn't foresee due to their proximity to the issue. A simple 10-minute phone call can often reveal a lot about an issue and could easily provide fresh perspectives that spark new ideas. Give me a call, and I'll determine if you have an issue that fits my scale of solutions.

  • Attention To Detail

    My attention to detail leads to the consideration of potential problems or benefits otherwise unforeseen. Sometimes the answer you're looking for is right in front of you and I'll point you to it.

  • Efficient Solutions

    I understand that some projects have strict budgets. That doesn't mean I can't help, it's just merely a bump in the road. My extensive experience has shown me many solutions that have time proven reliablity but incredibly affordable costs.

  • 99% Planning, 1% Execution

    I strongly believe that any good solution should be backed by solid planning. I think it's much more productive to ask the same question three different ways than to assume the answer leading to lost time and money.


Who Am I?

I'm the guy that hates to dress up and loves a good thrill.

My Photo

I got my start professionally in 2006 when I went full-time into the interactive media and web development industry. I was fortunate to have landed a career building position with a small but very talented agency that boasted clients such as PepsiCo subsidiaries Tropicana, Quaker Oatmeal, Life Cereal, Rice-A-Roni, and many more.

After working aggressively on interactive media & web for a few years, I moved on to focus more on custom application development working on a broad range of projects which include bank loan management software, e-learning software, and digital menu board systems used in KFC, Long John Silvers, and Taco Bell. I've also worked on a team for an education tech start-up funded with millions by Herff Jones.

A number of these years brought me some life in data centers managing servers and small clusters, so I'm no stranger to those environments. I continue to do some work within local data centers today and actively manage multiple small compute clusters.

The real twist comes many years into this career when I decided I needed a break. I needed real action in my life, so I went to work in the wireless construction industry for a while performing mostly L&A work for US Cellular 4G LTE upgrades. I started from the bottom learning the basics of tower work and often lead by fantastic examples of what not to do. Needless to say, while there was certainly some real adventure and real personal challenges here, that industry was not for me.

So after leaving the wireless construction industry, it was back to the software consulting industry until I could figure out a better balance of tasks to be fulfilled in my work. After a few years, I was presented with the perfect career idea for a tech geek that likes extreme thrills.

Enter the WISP industry. A place where I could occasionally climb towers and other cool (and totally not sketchy) structures while still achieving a great ROI on my years of investment into software and server environments. Furthermore, this industry continues to bring me new learning opportunities regularly. A great work ethic combined with a fairly rare skill combination has proven to be very fruitful in the WISP industry for me, and I'm thankful.


What I Do

I can provide every step of the way assistance to help you achieve the goals of your project. Often, challenges are very technical and far out of the realm of comfort for many people. That's where I bridge the gap and provide concise interpretations.

Software Automation & Integrations

With an extensive background in software engineering & consulting, I can offer more on-target, performance centric solutions to bridge your automation and integration gaps. I can provide special focus to the WISP industry as I have worked for a few and continue to work for one today with active roles in operations and engineering.

Whether you need basic API integration or a long-term vision for your operational growth with technology, I can help you. The key is having a well refined idea of the challenges you will want to solve over the long-term. I haven't had the opportunity to share a lot to this point in my career due to intellectual property, but you can check out my GitHub for a little taste. There will be more to come in the future as time permits.

Network Design & Management

Considering my background in both the WISP industry and previous data center roles supporting a diverse portfolio of network applications, I'm able to provide clean and simple networking solutions for small to medium-sized networks. Whether you just need a solution gap filled, or an entire network designed, I can scale my efforts to your needs.

I have reasonable experience in the operation of ISP WANs, which I have combined with my software-engineer like approach to organization to yield superior results that looms over my competition. Given that I come from an automation background, everything I do is built with consideration of automation in the future. This is one of many tactics I use to keep my solutions ready to morph and scale at a moment's notice.

Systems Design & Management

I realize what a pain it can be to manage your own compute stacks for mission-critical operations. Let's face it though, the "cloud" hasn't proven to have the reliability that many require to maintain their reputation. On-premises tends to be the choice for those seeking to save money on otherwise costly workloads and network designs. Even when operating services on third-party platforms, you often still have systems to manage depending on your software requirements.

This is where I come in. I can provide assistance with both designing and managing your deployment regardless if it calls for one server or twenty. If you're a real self-starter though, I can also provide training services to enable you to take the wheel after deployment. This path can maximize your savings if you have the technical fortitude it sometimes requires in the face of disaster.

I'm also somewhat fluent in the world of virtualization and containerization so hit me with your Ceph, Proxmox, Docker, & Kubernetes requests! Check out my blog here for more info!

WISP Infrastructure Design

The modern WISP must evolve quickly today to support the latest radio technologies. This evolution can be a painful process if you don't build upon a stable communication and power foundation. For a network that will stand the test of time and mother nature, consider some of my cost-effective pseudo Fiber-To-The-Antenna (FTTA) solutions that adapt to your equipment choices.

Through my well-funded work for an Indiana WISP, I have gone through fast iterations of trial and error to achieve some really cost-effective solutions that can boast similar quality to cellular network construction but not at Commscope prices.

Using a concept of separate DC and optical trunks at antenna sites in-conjunction with aerial-based demarcations for mid-span PoE & GPS sync injection, I have a concept that your modern infrastructure technician will love. When conditions aren't favorable, time to repair and upgrade matter. My solutions give a very smooth, plug-and-play style application to your deployments.

BDC Submission Services

I provide assistance with the frustrating process of government reporting submissions such as the bi-annual FCC BDC submissions. I can also provide assistance with state level submissions that are sometimes much like the federal submissions a provider is already required to file. Using my edge in software engineering, I created a multithreaded, task-specific solution that can process your data and provide repeatable results for your submissions every time.

I work with you initially to understand your systems, then I implement any custom layers I need to transform your data into the structure my solution needs to process your submissions. For more information on pricing, see my service rates. For more information on data requirements for this process, see my submissions services page.


My Rates

I keep my billing model like many of my solutions, simple(ish).


per hour

Custom Reporting

Custom Dashboards

API Integrations

Network & Software Automation

Event Triggers & Reactions


per hour

Configuration Management

Deployment Planning

Network Design

Security Reviews


per hour

Deployment Planning

Server Deployment / Maintenance

Cluster Design / Management

Disaster Triage / Recovery

In-House Management Training


FCC Submission Pricing

Most typical cases will fit the standard pricing below. If you have an unusually complicated coverage scenario, you may incur extra costs at my standard hourly rate of $75 if I have to do an abnormal amount of pre-processing on your data.

Submissions processing data requirements may be found here.



Per Entity

Submissions & challenges prepared

60 minutes of support

FCC filing assistance

Up to (3) coverage maps included

No BDC PE Certification Available!

Address coverage report prepared



Per Entity

FBA & FBS submissions prepared

30 minutes of FCC inquiry support

FCC filing assistance

Up to (3) coverage maps included

No BDC PE Certification Available!

Address coverage report prepared



Per Entity

Location challenges prepared

30 minutes of instructional support

FCC filing assistance




Let's Chat About Your Project

Send me an email or give me a call. Let's find out if I can assist you in accomplishing your goals.

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